Dr. Becker Venison Bites


  • Dr. Becker Venison Bites
  • Dr. Becker Venison Bites


Dr Becker Bites is named after the holistic veterinarian Dr. Karen Becker and is a 3 generation family owned business. 
Handmade in the USA for over 20 years, these healthy treats for dogs and cats are all natural, gluten free, grain-free, 100% pure meat and vegetables without any fillers and of course, nutritious!

These 5 oz. packages are filled with 'chips' your pup and cat will love! 

Venison Liver
Venison  Bites are hormone free, antibiotic free, steroid free and GMO free making this one of the "purest" forms of meat you can find.  It is also high in iron which helps support healthy red blood cells.

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