PawZ Sanipaw Spray


  • PawZ Sanipaw Spray
  • PawZ Sanipaw Spray


Remove the street from your dog’s feet!™ 
Your dogs step in about everything during their walks and runs!

PawZ Sanipaw Spray protects your home from messy, dirty paws. 
It contains a sanitizing agent Chlorine Dioxide .05% found in popular mouthwashes that safely eliminates 99.999% of bacteria, virus, fungus and odor on contact. 
A simple spray after every walk does it all!

  • Clear, unscented solution
  • Lickable, hypoallergenic and alcohol free
  • Safe around eyes and ears
  • Infused with glycerin, aloe vera and Vitamin E to help paw pads stay supple and healthy
  • Helps promote healthy paws every day of the year
  • 8 oz. trigger spray bottle

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